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Aldemar Knossos Royal | Excursions

Throne room. Piano Nobile (the throne of the nobles). The pottery. The room with the double-headed axes, the myths of the Minotaur and Ariadne…the Minoan palace!


Home to the mythical palace of Radamanthys, brother of King Minos.

Small market town, worth noting for its different architectural styles – neoclassical, Cretan and Venetian, as well as its beautiful square.

Sacred mountain of the Minoans (811m). A natural observation post with breathtaking views. Spring marks the flowering of 17 different species of orchid, and its flanks are used as nesting areas for the gyps fulvus vulture.

Birthplace of Domenico Theotokopoulos. The El Gre co museum, nestling amongst groves of oranges and lemons.

Upper Hersonissos, Piskopiano, Koutouloufari
Three traditional settlements at the foot of Mount Harakas, with beautiful cobbled streets, stone houses and welcoming squares.

The capital city of the region of the same name. Evidence indicated that it dates back to the Neolithic Era. The port of the Knossos. Capital city of the Aegean dominion in the 13th century, also known as Candia.

Archaeological Museum
The place to go for Minoan culture and the most important collection of findings from the palaces at Knossos , Phaistos, Malia and Zakros.

Museum of History
The Middle Ages and Byzantium periods. Folklore collection. Model representing 17th century Heraklio, focal point for children.

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